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The petcasket has developed and improved for practical testing of small animal clinic at the Region Animal Hospital in Helsingborg Sweden. They have since 1996 been using the petcoffins and since 1999, put all the deiced animals in it, whether they be cremated or if the pet owner wishes to bring the animal home. The reason for this is that you want an ethically pleasing and dignified handling of the animals which are all been dear family members, and provide staff with a better ergonomic handling of the animals.

The two largest sizes have handles on the sides and the measure is suitable for a practical use, for both storage and transport point of view. The caskets has a discrete print on the lid and can withstand being stacked on each other. The material is stable, white cardboard. All material is completely biodegradable and combustible so that the casket can be used for both cremation and burial without adverse environmental impacts. The choice of material also means that we can keep the price at a low level. The petcaskets supplied in folded condition (flat) and therefore require not so much storage space.

Caskets are availeble in five different sizes:
  Max weight (kg) Suitable such as for:
Mini 2 Guinea pigs, birds m.fl
Small 10 Small dogs, cats, rabbits
Medium 20 Terrier, Poodle
Large 45 Spaniel, Dalmatian, Collie
Extra Large 75 German Shepherd, Labrador

For prices and further information, call your veterinarian or contact:
LOVÉN Well-Care
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Phone: +46 (0)702 13 91 81
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