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About the company

Anubis Well-Care was founded in 1996, by Agneta Tykesson who have had pets all her life. She had always thought it was undignified to bury their pets in the bare earth, in a garbage bag or at best a box. She decided to develop a product that is suitable for pets, nice, functional but not humanizing.

About the name Anubis Well-Care: Anubis is an Egyptian god who watches over the dead animals. Well, the coffin is made ​​of corrugated board. Care comes from take care of.

In 2009 I took over the business. I felt like Agneta that it was unworthy when we buried our pets directly in the soil but on one occasion when one of our dogs died in hospitals, we got her back in a nice box, without we had asked for it. It felt so good, our daughter made drawings on the lid and wrote goodbye, she picked flowers and put in the coffin. I wish that all owners get the same great experience, because it's so hard to say goodbye to a beloved family member and friend.

I haven’t changed the product so much but a few minor adjustments I have made, mainly to simplify my work and improve quality.
I work alone in the company and takes care of everything from packing to the management.

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